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ESAB Sentinel A60 AIR Helm + EPR-X1 PAPR-Belüftung

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Brand: ESAB | Optical Class: 1/1/1/1 | Field of view: 118 x 71mm | Number of sensors: 4 | Shade range: DIN 5 - 13


  • ESAB Helmet Sentinel A60
  • ESAB Cover
  • Backup external filters
  • Original manufacturer's carton
  • ESAB AirflowEPR-X1 PAPR
  • Smart charger
  • P3 filter + pre-filter
  • Belt and shoulder harness
  • Air Flow Tester
  • FR fabric flex cable

The Sentinel A60 AIR Vent Ready Welding Helmet takes welding to the next level, providing a panoramic view and excellent clarity in accordance with the optical class 1/1/1/1 EN. Wider view of the weld pool without any distortion.

Redesigned Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) uses ESAB's OpTCS™ broad-spectrum lighting control technology.

This provides an enhanced True Color view to help reduce eye strain on the most demanding days at work. New shade control in 0.5 DIN increments for more precise shade control.

Distinctive Sentinel body design, fully adjustable Halo™ headgear and external grind button combine to create the most comfortable and efficient helmet ever manufactured by ESAB.

Years of welding practice teach you what is really important in a welding helmet: comfort, good visibility and next-generation technology.

Every special job requires specialized equipment, and when it comes to helmets, that means the SENTINEL™ model used by top welders.


  • Viewing area: 118 x 71 mm (4.65 x 2.8 in)
  • Active Viewfinder Darkness: 5 - 13 (adjustable in 0.5 degree increments)
  • Passive viewfinder shade: 3
  • Power: 2 x CR2450 batteries, replaceable
  • Arc sensors: 4
  • Switch time (light to dark): 1/25,000 s
  • Switching time (dark to light): Digitally adjustable from 0.1 to 0.9 seconds
  • CE optical classification: 1/1/1/1
  • Standards and certification marks: CE: EN175; EN379; EN166 | ANSI: Z87.1 | CSA: Z94.3 | AS/NZS 1338.1 | ISO 16321 +TIG
  • Weight: 644 g (1.4 lbs)


  • ADF field of view: 118 x 71 mm (4.65 x 2.80 in)
  • Shade range: DIN 3/5-13, adjustable
  • In 0.5 DIN increments and ADF shade lock setting ESAB's OpTCS True Color filter technology
  • Built-in memory for up to 9 settings
  • Arc sensors: 4
  • Fast switching time: 0.08 milliseconds
  • LEDs   low battery indicators,
  • Sanding mode and lock shade level


POWER-the mask is powered by a replaceable CR2450 battery.

DELAY-after the welding process is completed, the helmet window automatically changes from dark to light, but only after the delay time set by the user has elapsed. The delay time compensates for the afterglow effect on the welded element.

SENSIVITY-under normal welding conditions, the sensitivity should always be set to the maximum value. In exceptional situations, e.g. when welding in a very bright place, the sensitivity of the mask can be reduced.

BLACKOUT-smooth adjustment of the blackout controlled from the panel located inside the helmet.

Respiratory Protection SystemEPR-X1 PAPR combined with ESABwelding helmet strong> offers effective protection against harmful dusts  and gases                                                                                                                        ,                                                                                                                

EPR-X1 offers a robust, compact body with a powerful blower for maximum life and efficiency. Ability to check battery status, fan settings and filtering conditions.

The airflow rate is constant, regardless of the battery charge level, and the proper flow is confirmed by a LED indicator strong> located on the device's control panel.

Solid casing of the device makes the system usable in harsh industrial conditions.


  • Stepless adjustment air flow rate in the range of 170-220l/min.
  • Li-Ion battery                              
  • Particulate filter  P3 and pre-filter  Smart charger with international mains plug
  • Acoustic and visual  alarm for filter clogging or low battery.
  • Super light and easy to use, all settings can be accessed via buttons on the panel.

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